Circus Monkeys

Somedays, I feel like the ringmaster standing center stage and directing all the monkeys and tigers with a scarlet baton.  I wave the directions towards hoops and stages, then bow when the show is over without a hitch as the crowd cheers for an encore. Then there are days like Friday, when I am not […]

Orange Peanuts

I regretted getting the wrong cart. It squeaked and stuttered on the waxy floors of the grocery store. Shiloh jerked the wheel of the plastic car attached to the front of the cart, speeding his way to an imaginary finish line. “Koom Koom!” he cried, announcing to the other shoppers that he was speeding down […]

Cancerversary – I’ve learned

The chalk slides against the board as I finish the warm up writing prompt: “If you died today, what would you leave in the world as proof you existed?” Usually, I go for the whimsical or mundane journaling, but today the seniors asked for a more serious topic. I obliged, and it doesn’t help that […]

A Letter to my Husband

  My Love, The lights were always dim. My IV pole machine lit a tiny sliver of green on the waxed fourth floor as you lifted your contorted body from the visitor’s chair at 3 AM. Leaving sleep in your eyes, you unplugged my machine, tied my blue hospital gown, lifted me out of the […]

Jet Lag Musing

Right now, it’s 5:36AM. The birds outside have already started to converse as the sun begins to peek its head onto our porch and I’m still awake on the couch. My husband and I returned from China Wednesday night and the jet lag continues to plague us – not that we’ve really tried to push through […]

The Army and Yogurt

While moving from sea to sea on the Army’s whim, being raised in one place seemed both desirable and foreign. I could never relate to people who grew up in the same town with the same friends since Pre-K. That type of commitment seems so binding and less flexible than the consistency of inconsistent PCS (permanent change […]

Active Gratitude

I’ll just come right out and say it. I loathe doing the dishes. I’m not entirely sure if I can say the word “hate” but my feelings towards soaking my fingers into soapy water until they are pruney flirts with the hatred line. Unfortunately, my husband and I both dislike doing the dishes, so it’s […]

Circle of Friends

Over the weekend, my husband and I spent hours prepping food for our first house warming party with our friends and family. We both cleaned the house and did the chores we’re both best at doing – he was vacuuming and running errands to the grocery store for last minute items, and I was doing […]